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Chocolate In The City

In high school, they started calling themselves, “Chocolate Girls.”  Now these 3 single, “Chocolate Women” are blazing a path through their beloved, native Brooklyn. 

 LASHELL (LASHES) JOHNSON – Model tall, African American woman; butterscotch complexion; wears a short haircut with blonde highlights.  She has long legs that drive men crazy.  Loves her make-up, especially false eyelashes, (hence her nickname Lashes).   She has a 2-year old daughter, Baby Imani; her rainbow baby.  She  is so stinking cute, people stop Lashell to tell her how cute she is. Lashell is casually dating Michael Gibson and James Blakely; after meeting both of them at the same event.  After so many of her looks are copied and friends tell her she could be a stylist, for fun she starts her blog, “Killer Lashes” but stumbles into being a fashion and lifestyle influencer.  

 ZARILYN (ZARI) HUDSON – Average height, African American woman, milk chocolate complexion with black shoulder length hair; interned in high school at the NYC Transit Authority.  When she got out of high school, she already had a full-time job there.  She is average height; Lashes and BeBe lovingly call her, “Ms. Perfect Size,” because unlike them, she never needs to get her clothes hemmed or lengthened.  Now she’s in the thick of things and is harboring a major secret from her two best friends.  This is a problem she created for herself and she is suffering,  because it’s her secret and she can’t share it or the guilt with her friends.   

 BEBE LOPEZ – Petite, Mexican American woman; olive complexion, burgundy curly afro, usually swept to one side. The funny thing about it is, as tiny as BeBe is, she can out eat both of her friends.  She attends Hunter College and is working on getting her master’s degree, so she can become a school administrator.   Eventually she, meets and starts dating fellow student Thad Gardner.  She loves a good-looking man, but he also has to be a foodie because she loves to eat, and her man has to enjoy that with her.  So tofu, vegan, vegetarian, only salad eating, green juice drinking men, need not apply.

Chocolate In The City 2


We conquered the City, now what?Lashell Johnson tentatively starts a relationship with Robert Waverly.  But will she change her mind before they can really give it a try?  


Zarilyn Hudson is still recovering from a disastrous break-up.  Now that she knows what her triggers were that made her overeat, will she be able to take control of them?  

BeBe Lopez breaks up with Thad Gardner for no reason or was there one?  Is there any hope for them that their second try will work?  

Borrowed Time

The Civil War: (1) gorgeous teenage slave girl, (1) handsome, ethical Union Army Captain and (1) dangerously obsessed slave master. 1+1+1 =3 not 2.  Shake well and get caught up in the explosion!  In a love triangle, there’s always a clash, one winner and one clear loser… 

SPECIAL BONUS: Prologue is a mini-book about Fawn’s parents’ adventurous romance.

Scandalous(Sequel to High Rise)

The ruckus, the madness!  Deceit, lies, infidelity and blackmail abound.  Take your seat in the boardroom, corporate intrigue and backstabbing are on the agenda.  Add in altered personalities.  What do you know about birthing babies? What’s going on in the house right next to you?  Any desperate housewives?  What if you could find out every intimate detail of your neighbor’s life?

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