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High Rise

A fast-paced, fun, sometimes gritty story about 3 women, at different stages in their lives.  It delves deep into your heart eliciting numerous strong emotions as you experience all their joys, heartbreaks, devastation, pain and rebirth.  You’ll relive a few of your own as you identify with these women.
Apartment 27D - A young African American executive assistant Michele Jones, becomes involved with an Irish-Scottish junior executive Mark Karelle at the bank they both work at on Wall Street.  Will there be pressure in their relationship from outside forces?  Can they really make it being from such diverse backgrounds? Are they star-crossed lovers?
HIGH RISE (Book 2)
 Apartment 13A – A young African American woman, Cheyenne Davis falls in love with a younger African American man, Brandon Williams.
Apartment 9J - An Italian American couple, Joe is a second-generation fireman.  Connie is a stay-at-home mom to their 6-year-old daughter Tiffani.  The Lauriellos are struggling with their unhappy, often too physical marriage.
These 3 women live in the same high-rise apartment building in New York and have never met, but they have more in common than they will ever know.  Each will experience the same circumstance but all with a completely different outcome.  Which one(s) make it out of their predicament unscathed?  Lets peel back the walls of Tiffany Towers, spy on our neighbors and see what happens!

Hawaii Three-O

HAWAII THREE – 0 - A trilogy of Hawaiian stories.  


HAWAIIAN LOVE: Autumn and Chad (Contemporary).  Despite the 3 of them planning and paying on their Hawaiian trip for 7 months.  Autumn winds up traveling to Honolulu alone.    Autumn has been looking forward to this trip for too long and she really needs a vacation.  Nothing is going to stand in her way…she meets Chad, they are inseparable for the rest of her trip.  But is this the start of a long-lasting relationship or just a vacation fling?  


ON THE SET: Jessica and Scott (Contemporary).  Jessica is on vacation from Brooklyn, New York with 3 other friends.  She meets several guys but she’s on vacation to mend her broken heart, not get tied down.  While she’s trying to keep her distance from Scott, a new man comes storming into her life, refusing to be kicked to the curb.  WTH?  


ALOHA LOVE: Skye and Martin (Historical).  Martin is a rich plantation owner’s son who is unknowingly falling in love with Skye, a slave’s daughter.  Mahalo, the handsome, rugged Hawaiian destined to meet and fall in love with Skye, incurring Martin’s wrath.  Three people whose lives are so intertwined they can only be on a collision course; lives that will meet, join, clash and be forever changed, but each person is determined not to be the loser.

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