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Absorption Vegas Book 1

Kehli Joyce (KJ) is a driven L. A. homicide detective, who is ordered to take leave after her partner is ambushed and murdered.  During her forced vacation, she meets well known author Gino Bartolinni and has a steamy affair with him.  A serial killer emerges in Vegas, taking Det. KJ on the journey that changes her life forever.

Absorption Miami Book 2

Homeland Security Federal Agent Kehli Joyce (KJ) is assigned to a special task force sent to Miami to investigate the latest shootings by the elusive serial killer, The Ghost Killer.  Catching this person is very personal to KJ; since her favorite cousin became a victim at his Vegas mass shooting.  One evening she comes face-to-face with this serial killer and has no way of communicating her situation to her team.  

Absorption New York Book 3

Just when the agents think they have him cornered; he does another disappearing act. When he resurfaces in Manhattan, the chase to apprehend him is epic. KJ finally has Strickland in the crosshairs of her service weapon; but the crowded New York streets make her second guess pulling the trigger. Will KJ remove herself from the case or will she go rouge to kill the killer?

Book 1
Dear Diary


Dear Diary, is a year in the life of Tamia (Mia), a girl who is no longer a baby but she is also not quite a teenager.  It’s going to be an exciting, fun-filled year filled with many new things to be shared with your new BFF Mia and her BFFs Shania, Isabella, Brandi and Trina.  Join her and The World Girls, she’s going to share her friends with you too!  What is Mia up to now?

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